You’re so busy, right?

You’re taking care of kids.

You’re organizing those meetings.

Running errands.

It never seems to end!

You feel so stressed, and the last thing on your mind is exercise!

You just want to slump down onto the couch, in those moments when you finally get home.

But, bear with me.

When we are stressed, overwhelmed and sick of trying to fit all the “to-do lists” in.

That’s when exercise can help us the most!

It doesn’t have to be a scheduled, grueling workout that you’ve been dreading doing all week.

It could be a walk through the park with your favourite pupper.

A swim in the pool.

A ride on your bike through the cool, evening breeze.

The thing is, when we get outside, or go to the gym, and move, it actually helps us to disconnect from all those things we are stressing about.

It can re-centre out minds and our focus, while acting as the perfect escape from it all. Even if just for 10 minutes.

All while working up a sweat, improving our cardiovascular systems, and burning calories to boot.

What’s your favorite de-stressing exercise?

Comment below and let me know!

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