Are you deeply in love right now?

Women are beautiful creatures.

To those special someone’s who love us, we are everything.

I wrote a short piece on passionate intimacy, a few years ago.

Please read below, and know that you are truly valuable.

“The room is dark and silent.

It echoes through thick, dancing dust,

The sound of calm, aimless vacancy.

Time moulds in my mind,

a still image;

Unchanging and familiar to my world,

And I sit in this calm, vacant room.

In a moment of catalytic contrast, she appears.

Her touch is warm and soft.

It envelops me, suddenly, in positive energy.

The room fills with colour and brightness.

We dance together, with electric soul;

Expressing turbulent, passionate intention,

As flashes of her memory engraves into my heart.

The room dulls down once more,

Calm and bathed in soft, mellow light

She lays beside me,

draped intimately over my, now beating, chest;

Radiating in beauty.

Resolving all my fears and my woes.