A woman posted in a group I am in on Facebook recently.
Sharing a screenshot of an unsolicited message.
A random man slid into her DMs to ask her out in a less than tasteful mannar.
She responded in a way I felt was appropriate, by telling him where to shove it and showing him an appropriate level of sass.
I scrolled through the comments, and was shocked to see the amount of women telling her she could have “been more polite” and how it’s “not edgy or cool to be rude” etc etc
So I just have a few things to say.
You 🙌 don’t 🙌 owe 🙌 that 🙌 creep 🙌 a 🙌 polite 🙌 response!
Do you know what’s not edgy or cool?
Being an online creep.
Sending unsolicited messages to women.
Being entitled to romantic attention.
..and standing up for the wrong person in this story.
I’m writing a whole book on this subject, because it baffles my mind how creeping can still be seen as the acceptable behaviour over women becoming assertive about their right to not be harrassed.
Stand up for your sisters.
That is all.
Book coming shortly!