“I just need to lose five kilos and then I’ll be happy.” “I just want to get more toned, then I’ll be happy.” Heres the harsh lesson that everyone learns eventually when venturing into an aesthetically based weight loss journey.

No matter what you do, no matter how long you do it. No matter how great your results are. When you are “finished” when you are “done” when you are “happy” and return to old habits, it will all change back again.

Our bodies are organic and ever-changing. We are what we eat and do. Our physique will always reflect what we’ve been up to, and science doesn’t lie. 

My fitness journey is ever-lasting and always changing.  

When I focus on other things, my body reflects that. When I bust my butt for results (and accurately track/adhere to my numbers) it reflects that, too.

Last year I was competing in ICN. This year I’m out of breath bringing the bin in.

I’m using the Kai zen approach, and adding in habits one by one. Today, calories. Tomorrow, macros, Wednesday, fiber. Then finally, fitbit, steps and gym (when they re-open).

You can achieve what you want. You just have to know you still want it, even when distractions pull you away.