Image credit to Pixabay

Last night I made a pork roast.

My partner and three kids gathered, mouthes watering, around our table to tuck in to the delicious meal together.

The wafting smell of perfectly cooked crackling filled the room as I opened the oven to serve us. 

And then there he was.

Our thirteen year old puppy had joined us.

He was begging. His perfectly straightened back and arched paws stood before me. He had perfected this move over time, until he had mastered the art of mimicking a meerkat completely.

With big, brown eyes he drew me in, until I had no choice. “Fine.” I stated.  

I gave him a small piece of pork.  

Every person scabbed of meat later, Bucksy had had his fill.

Except no. He still wanted more. 

After our meal, my son decided to give him his “treat” for the day. A small dog sized container of wet food was scooped out into his bowl. 

We went to relax for the evening, and began watching a film. 

From the corner of my eyes, I saw him.

Our puppy was begging some more. He had finished his treat and was hungry, again. “Are you kidding me?” My partner giggled.

So there it is folks. My theory has become crystal clear. 

Within every dog, resides a portal. The key to the multiverse itself.

All matter consumed travels, through a void to another, unknown world. It is everlasting and always wanting for more.  

The energy it must take to propel meats and scrapings into worlds unknown, must be unimaginable.

If only Stephen Hawking had paid more attention.  

Dogs are the key to the multiverse.